British Crime Story, Series 1

Which UK crimes should get the FX series treatment?

FX announced not long after we recorded a recent EHG main podcast that has finally started moving forward on its third topic: Impeachment, “the story of the Clinton presidency scandal.” One of the great things about that franchise is that it provides so much food for thought between seasons, not least (inevitably incorrect) speculation about what it will take on next and with whom in what roles — so now that that’s been taken off the table for the moment, let’s talk about what a Union Jack version of the story would look like! This isn’t a culture that doesn’t know how to script stories about its most notorious crimes and scandals — Manhunt, A Very British Scandal, and the Oscar-nominated short Detainment come to mind just in the last couple of years — but now’s OUR chance to control WHICH narrative gets the anthology treatment. From a gold heist gone mostly wrong to a mysterious skeleton in a tree to Brexit and white supremacy, the panel makes our pitches for British Crime Story‘s first series.

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